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XLED – A lighting company passionate about LED technology

How do you guarantee you are investing in reliable LED Lamps? Ensure the LED product is independently tested with a UKAS accredited laboratory.

XLED are focused on commercial LED Lighting. We supply a wide range of commercial LED Lamps and commercial LED Fittings such as LED Tubes, LED 2D Lamps, LED Floodlights, LED Downlights.

We are passionate about quality LED Lighting solutions that achieve ‘what it says on the tin’. In a commercial LED Market where false product claims are giving the industry a bad name, we independently test our LED lighting products to ensure proven results.

Our commercial LED products reduce installation time, maintenance, carbon and electricity costs. Most importantly we back our LED lamps with the industries only unlimited 5 year warranty and 30 day money back trial.

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    Contact XLED Solutions – 0845 643 9936 or visit our contact page for further details
  • Testing

    Testing is key to ensuring your organisation selects the best solution to best suits your requirements.
  • Warranty

    We offer a fully inclusive 5 year warranty which has no restrictions on burning hours.
  • Support

    Our after sales support is the best in the business.